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Welcome to the Technology Education - Community College program web site. With the addition of this web site, StudentAware Communications continues our commitment to safety in technology education programs. We appreciate the many letters and phone calls we have received from instructors across the country.

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We are looking forward to more letters and e-mails from students and instructors as we continue to develop the web site as a one-stop resource for post secondary technology education links and information.

This web site allows us to update the information in the Technology Education shop-safety Posters we send out each fall. We are pleased to make available additional materials for your use here on our web site. You can download them and use them in your shop and lab areas. The quizzes and handouts included for this year are Safety Checklist, Power Tool Safety, Back Safety, Electrical Safety, and more. All are important topics to share with your students as a lesson or as a refresher.

As always, it is our intent to supply you with useful free safety education materials of the highest quality. Your input is very important in the development of future program materials. Please take a few moments to drop us an e-mail at and let us know what you think of the program. We welcome your suggestions and we look forward to any information on links that you feel other instructors and students would be interested in. We appreciate your photos too, send us a photo of your shop/lab with a description of your program and we may feature you on our web site.

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