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Teaching has always been a tough job, but when your tools are old, you’re running low on materials, and the textbooks may not be up to date, you may need some help. At StudentAware we know that you can’t always find the supplemental information you need. It’s not that you don’t know where to look for it, it’s just that you don’t always have the time to dig around. Well, we’ve tried to make it a little easier for you to find the help you need. Check out these tips pages and links for some helpful tips to make teaching technology a little easier.

Below you will find downloadable student handouts, checklists, quizzes, and puzzles from StudentAware’s Technology Education shop-safety program. Just click on a subject or a quiz and you will receive instruction on how to download and print the pages and handouts for use in your program.

All handouts are in Portable Document Format (PDF).To be able to view the PDF, Adobe® Reader® is needed. If you do not have Adobe® Reader®, click on the button below to download it for FREE.

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Reproducible Student Handouts
Hand Tool Safety Quiz Electronic Lab Safety Quiz Electronic Lab Safety Handout Basic Safety Rules Handout
Working With Computers Checklist Who Do I Call If There's An Emergency? Handout Using Electrical Equipment Checklist Falling Objects Checklist
Making Your Work Environment "You" Friendly Handout Equipped for Safety Crossword Puzzle Reducing Power Tool Down-Time Handout What Do You Really Know About Safety Quiz
Power Tool Safety Handout Power Tool Safety Quiz Slips, Trips, and Falls Handout Slips, Trips, and Falls Quiz
Handling Equipment Checklist 20 Helpful Saw Tips Handout Tools Word Search Auto Mechanics Word Search
Safety Rules Crossword Puzzle Watch Your Back Handout Basic Safety Rules For Hand Tools Safety Quiz
Charge It! Handout Occupational Stats Handout How do I find a job? Handout Protective Eyewear Handout

A good place to start is the International Technology Education Association. You’ll find lots of helpful information on all types of technology related subjects. Another site that should be one of your first stops is Discovery. This site has over 40 links to other helpful sites, as well as lesson plans and other helpful information for technology education teachers. There are many trade-specific sites like automotive, construction trades, plumbing, and others. There are some very good links for career information as well for your students. Be sure to check out our Helpful Links page for helpful information on everything from automotive lesson plans to the Vocational Information Center.

Tech Ed Teacher Forum
Do you have a question that another teacher might be able to help you with? Want to know how other teachers handle different challenges? Or just want to hear from teachers who teach the same subject you do? Here’s the place to make that happen. Check out the Tech Ed Teacher Forum.

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